Built in Multifunction Oven
Built in Multifunction Oven
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Built in Multifunction Oven
Built in Multifunction Oven

Multifunction Oven


  • Triple Fully Glass
  • Forced Cooling System
  • Removable Door Plate
  • 5 Shelf Positions
  • Safety Switch Off

Oven Capacity

72 l

Max Power

3000 W


220 - 240 V

Temperature Range

30 - 250°C

Dimensions (WxDxH)

595x575x595 mm

Cooking Functions


Cabinet Light

Food is always visible at a glance with halogen light that lit up every corner inside the cavity.

Different Cooking Functions

Find the program that matches your cooking plans. Improve your cooking skills and choose between different programs including conventional, double grilling, defrost, and much more with only a few touches.
Use an automatic program and the oven will choose the right menu setting for your dish. Bread, cakes, or meat? Cook with ease!

Telescopic Shelf

Better washing performance is achieved by directly injecting water with detergent using a recirculation system and two nozzles connected to it.